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Ongoing & Upcoming Events

The following is provided to give an update on ongoing and upcoming events. More detailed information can be found throughout the website.

Exit 3 Events on I-93 NB/Route 111A (13933H)

  • July 2017 - July 2017 - Work is complete.

Events on I-93 NB and SB between Exits 3 and 4 (14633B)

  • August to December 2017 -
    August 2017 – The pedestrian box culvert is complete.
    September to December 2017 - Blasting and rock crushing will continue. The majority of the work will take place on the former southbound barrel outside of traffic. Rolling road blocks will be in place to help facilitate blasting operations on northbound and southbound I-93.
    October 2019 - Anticipated final completion.

I-93 NB and SB between Exit 5 and the I-293 Split (14633H)

  • August to December 2017 -
    August 2017 – Work on the northbound side progressed. Soundwall footings were installed and continue to be constructed in the northern end of the project. Soundwall posts are being delivered beginning at the southern end of the project and proceeding northerly. Bridge work at Cohas Brook continued. Work on the Bodwell Road Bridge continued with pier work. Work in the median and the southbound side included rock removal, clearing and drainage work.
    September to December 2017 - The northbound soundwall footing and post installation will continue with wood panels anticipated to be delivered and installed beginning in October. Bridge work including deck demo and pier construction is expected. Drainage work on the northern end of the project will continue. Work in the median will continue with grubbing and excavation. Blasting and ledge removal will be ongoing. Southbound work will include blasting at the southern end of the project, drainage installation, rock excavation, and slope. Trucks will be accessing the work areas from the mainline shoulders. Rolling roadblocks will continue on a daily basis as blasting operations continue. Bodwell Road is anticipated to remain in a signalized alternating one way traffic pattern until November. Night time lane closures in the southbound high speed lane are expected for the middle part of September from 7 PM to 5 AM.
    October 2019 - Anticipated final completion.

Exit 3 Park and Ride (10418H)

  • November 2017 - The new Park and Ride facility in the area of Exit 3, creating over 140 spaces for vehicles is complete. Access to the Park and Ride is from NH 111 or from the newly constructed portion of NH 111A. This new Park and Ride replaces the temporary Park and Ride that was at the intersection of NH 111 and Wall Street. The new Park and Ride was completed at the end of October 2017 and on November 6, 2017 the temporary Park and Ride closed down and the new one opened.

Exit 4 Interchange and NH Route 102 Work (14633D)

  • August to December 2017 -
    August 2017 – Work continued on NH Route 102 including work on the new NH Route 102 Bridge. Roadway work included drainage installation, and sewer work. The NH Route 102 Bridge abutments progressed in conjunction with the completion of a utility crossing under I-93. Work continued on the Kendall Pond Road Bridge. Work on Ash Street is ongoing, the temporary signal on Ash Street to facility traffic control operations is not in use at this time.
    September to December 2017 – Work on the NH Route 102 Bridge will continue with the abutments. A temporary northbound Exit 4 will be paved/completed. The Ash Street Bridge work will continue with the construction of the abutments. Work on the northbound Kendall Pond Road Bridge will also continue. Construction of a traffic control cross over is underway north of the NH Route 102 Bridge to facilitate future construction outside of traffic. Daily rolling road blocks for blasting, daily shoulders closures on I-93 NB and SB Mainline for access. Night work lane closures and daily shoulder closures on I-93 NB and SB Mainline for access. Kendall Pond Road, NH Route 102 and Ash Street will have lane closures and lane shifts.
    September 2020 - Anticipated final completion.

I-93 Mainline Between Exits 4 and 5 (14633I)

  • August to December 2017 -
    August 2017 – Construction on the northbound barrel has progressed including drainage work along with placing some of the pavement. Blasting in the median was performed. Work at the NB Stonehenge Bridge included the completion of the utility relocation, the completion of the NB abutments and the installation of bridge beams. Two overhead sign foundations were installed.
    September to December 2017 – Construction of the northbound barrel will continue. Bridge work at NB Stonehenge Road will include the placement of precast deck panels followed by the construction of the bridge deck. Work will begin on SB Stonehenge Road Bridge will begin with excavation for the abutments. Shoulder closures for trucking will be utilized. There are no more rolling roadblocks anticipated for blasting in 2017. Night work and lane closures will be needed to complete multiple drainage crossings on the Northbound and Southbound lanes, continuing in September. There are at least five nights anticipated to complete this work.
    August 2019 - Anticipated final completion.

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