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Exit 3 Area

Construction in the Exit 3 area reconfigured this exit into a diamond interchange through five separate construction contracts. Major changes in this area include elimination of loop ramps, relocation of the Northbound Mainline to the west and relocation of Route 111 to the north. Construction in this area is ongoing and will continue through 2016. The first two contracts in this area (13933G & K), completed in 2010 and 2011, resulted in an interim condition, with southbound traffic being located onto the newly constructed northbound barrel. Northbound traffic remained on the existing northbound roadway which allowed the remaining construction to take place with minimal traffic interruptions. In the Fall of 2014, both Northbound and Southbound traffic were moved to their final configuration while the 13933I & H contracts continued to finalize the Exit 3 area. Please see the graphics below for a rendering of the interim configuration and the final configuration and more information on the construction contracts in the Exit 3 area.

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Current Road Layout

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Conceptual Road Overview

Exit 3 Southbound Off-Ramp & Northbound Bridges (13933K)
To ultimately reconfigure Exit 3 to a diamond interchange, a new southbound off-ramp was constructed under Contract 13933K, replacing the existing loop ramp. This new ramp, located north of NH Route 111, will help to improve the interchange capacity and improve safety on the mainline. Also, two new bridges to carry the relocated northbound mainline over NH 111 and NH 111A were constructed, removing two "red list" bridges from service. Construction on this $27.6M project began in the fall of 2008 and was substantially complete the end of 2010.

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Exit 3 Northbound Mainline (13933G)
Contract 13933G involved the construction of 9,775 LF of I-93 northbound mainline, 4,450 LF of I-93 southbound, and interim crossovers (north and south ends) transitioning to the existing southbound lanes in the Exit 3 area. The construction, which started in June 2009, matched into the new I-93 northbound bridges over NH Routes 111 and 111A and the new southbound off-ramp being constructed under the 13933K contract. George R. Cairns and Sons, Inc., contractor, substantially completed this project in December 2011.

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Exit 3 Area Southbound Mainline (13933I)
Contract 13933I constructed over three miles of the new southbound section of the highway as well as the new southbound on-ramp. During construction a majority of 13933I southbound traffic was diverted to the new northbound section of roadway constructed under 13933G & K. Thus allowing work to progress, for the most part, out of traffic and to have minimal effect on the traveling public. This project was awarded to R.S. Audley, Inc. of Bow, NH in September of 2012 and was completed in June of 2016.

Exit 3 Area Northbound Mainline Final Configuration (13933H)
Contract 13933H is the final roadway construction project in the Exit 3 area and will serve to tie in all of the previous construction projects in this area. This project has constructed the new northbound on and off ramps, relocated a portion of Route 111A, finalized reconstruction of Route 111 and completed tie-ins to both the northbound and southbound barrels. This project was awarded to Weaver Brothers Construction Co., Inc. in December of 2013 and work is anticipated to be complete in the Fall of 2016.

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Exit 3 Area Southbound Mainline Bridges (13933N)
Contract 13933N involves the construction of the new I-93 SB mainline bridges over NH Route 111 and NH Route 111A at Exit 3 in Windham. The new SB bridges were constructed adjacent and look similar to the NB bridges over NH 111 and NH 111A constructed under Contract 13933K. This project was awarded to the E.D. Sweet, Inc. of Concord, NH in January of 2012 and completed in September of 2013 at the cost of $12.13M.

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Exit 3 Park & Ride (10418H)
Contract 10418H constructed a new Park and Ride facility in the area of Exit 3, creating over 140 spaces for vehicles. Access to the Park and Ride is from NH 111 or from the newly constructed portion of NH 111A. This new Park and Ride replaces the temporary Park and Ride that was at the intersection of NH 111 and Wall Street. The new Park and Ride was completed at the end of October 2017. On November 6, 2017 the temporary Park and Ride closed down and the new one opened. The project construction contract was awarded to George R. Cairns and Sons, Inc.

The current temporary Exit 3 Park and Ride lot will move to its permanent location on November 6, 2017. For more details, click here.

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