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Exit 1 Area

Contract 13933D involves the reconstruction and widening of NB and SB I-93 mainline in Salem in the vicinity of Exit 1 to just south of Exit 2. The NB and SB I-93 bridges over Lowell Road will be replaced. The existing bridges were constructed in 1961 and are on the State's Red List for deficient structures, # 2 and # 3 priorities statewide for replacement. The Exit 1 NB and SB ramps will also be replaced. Approximately 1,600 linear feet of sound wall along the SB mainline in the vicinity of Lowell Road and construction of the Baggett Mitigation Site are also included in this project. The six-acre Baggett Mitigation site, located off NH Route 38 in Salem, is intended to provide replacement for principal wetland values of flood storage, water quality enhancement and wildlife habitat.

Exit 1 Area section map

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