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Construction Project Status

As NHDOT moves ahead with the design of I-93 Improvements, the work is being broken into individual construction projects. Each of these projects will be awarded individually to construction firms, but all fit together to improve the entire corridor. DOT has evaluated the I-93 corridor and broken the work into individual projects based on logical divisions of work, providing a realistic sequence of events structured to give maximum benefit to the public as each of the individual projects is completed.

The following projects are currently under construction:

  • Exit 3 Area Northbound Mainline Final Configuration - Contract 13933H was awarded to Weaver Bros. Construction Co., Inc. of Bow, NH on December 4, 2013 with a low bid of $32.2M. This is the final construction project in the Exit 3 area and will serve to tie in all of the previous construction projects in this area. This project will construct the new NB on- and off-ramps, relocate a portion of Route 111A, finalize reconstruction of Route 111 and complete tie-ins to complete both the NB and SB barrels. Total construction cost is estimated to be $34,867,948. Work began in early 2014 and is anticipated to be completed by the fall of 2016
  • Exit 2 Interchange and Mainline - Contract 13933E will reconstruct and widen the NB and SB barrels of I-93 in the area of Exit 2, reconstruct NB & SB Exit 2 ramps, reconfiguring the SB ramps from cloverleaf to diamond-type design, replace the NB & SB I-93 bridges over Pelham Road, and reconstruct a portion of Pelham Road. This project was awarded to George R. Cairns & Sons, Inc. for a bid price of $40.9M on July 11, 2012. The project is expected to be complete in the summer of 2015.
  • Exit 3 Area Southbound Mainline- Contract 13933I was awarded to R.S.Audley of Bow, NH on September 13, 2012 for $33M. It will construct over three miles of the new southbound section of the highway as well as the new southbound on ramp. During construction of 13933I, southbound traffic will be diverted to the new northbound section of roadway constructed under 13933G & K. Therefore, work will progress, for the most part, out of traffic and have minimal effect on the traveling public. Also, two new bridges to carry the relocated southbound mainline over NH 111 and NH 111A will be constructed, removing two "red list" bridges from service. This project is schedualed for complettion summer of 2016

Future Projects (anticipated start in 2015 & 2016)

The following four projects will complete the section of I-93 from just north of Exit 3 in Windham to the interchange with I-293 in Manchester.

  • Weigh Station to Kendall Pond Road - Contract 14633B will construct approximately 3.5 miles of both the Northbound and Southbound barrels of I-93, improving the highway to four lanes in each direction.
  • Exit 4 Area - Contract 14633C/D will construct approximately two miles of both the Northbound and Southbound barrels of I-93, improving the highway to four lanes in each direction, including the reconstruction of Exit 4.
  • Exit 4 to Exit 5 - Contract 14633I will construct approximately 2 miles of both the Northbound and Southbound barrels of I-93, improving the highway to four lanes in each direction.
  • North of Exit 5 to the I-293 Interchange - Contract 14633H will construct approximately 3 miles of both the Northbound and Southbound barrels of I-93, improving the highway to four lanes in each direction.

Completed projects:

  • Exit 1 Area, Northbound and Southbound Mainline, Salem - Bids for Contract 13933D were opened November 2010. Low bidder was Middlesex Corporation of Littleton MA with a bid of $30.57M. Construction began in early 2011. This project reconstructed and widened NB & SB Mainline in Salem in the vicinity of Exit 1 to just south of Exit 2, replaced bridges over Lowell Road, reconstructed Exit 1 NB & SB ramps, installed sound wall and constructed a wetlands mitigation site. This project was completed summer 2013
  • Brookdale Road Bridge - Contract 13933F was awarded to R. S. Audley, Inc. in July 2010. The project total construction cost is estimated to be $4.56M and was completed spring 2013. The project replaced the existing red-listed bridge that carries Brookdale Road over I-93.
  • Exit 3 Area Southbound Mainline Bridges- Contract 13933N involved reconstruction of the I-93 SB mainline bridges over NH Route 111 and NH Route 111A at Exit 3 in Windham. The new SB bridges were constructed adjacent and look similar to the recently completed NB bridges over NH 111 and NH 111A constructed under Contract 13933K. E.D. Swett, Inc. won the contract with a bid of $11.5M on January 11, 2012. Work was complete in September of 2013.
  • Exit 3 Northbound Mainline - Contract 13933G was awarded to George R. Cairns & Sons, Inc. in May 2009. The $30.6M contract involves the construction of 9,775 LF of I-93 NB mainline, 4,450 LF of I-93 SB mainline, and interim crossovers (north and south ends) transitioning to the existing SB lanes in the Exit 3 area of Windham. The construction will match into the new I-93 NB bridges over NH Routes 111 and 111A being constructed under the 13933K contract. The project 2011 was completed, minus final spring cleanup, in December 2011.
  • Exit 3 Southbound Off-Ramp & Northbound Bridges - The first step in ultimately reconfiguring Exit 3 to a diamond interchange, contract 13933K constructed a new southbound off-ramp, replacing the existing loop ramp. This new ramp, located north of NH Route 111, will help to improve the interchange capacity and improve safety on the mainline. Also, two new bridges to carry the relocated northbound mainline over NH Route 111 and 111A were constructed. This contract was awarded to Middlesex Corporation of Littleton, MA on October 8, 2008 and was substantially complete the end of 2010.
  • Exit 1 Ramps and Bridges - The $24.7M contract for construction of Exit 1 Ramps and Bridges was awarded to SPS New England, Inc. in August 2007. The project replaced seven structurally deficient bridges on the "RED LIST" and reconstructed the ramp approaches to all the bridges. This project was completed in November 2009.
  • Exit 4 Bus Terminal - The bus terminal at the improved Exit 4 Park-and-Ride opened to the public on May 14, 2007.
  • Cross Street Bridge - A new bridge was constructed to replace the existing bridge which, due to age and deteriorated condition, had been placed on the DOT's "RED LIST" establishing this as a priority project. The new bridge opened to traffic on August 21, 2008. R. S. Audley, Inc. of Bow, NH was the contractor.
  • Exit 2 Park-and-Ride and Bus Terminal - The 470-space Exit 2 Park-and-Ride construction contract was awarded to Continental Paving in March 2007. Expanded bus service operations began in November 2008.
  • Exit 5 Park-and-Ride - R.S. Audley, Inc. completed the 443-space Exit 5 Park-and-Ride in October 2008. This contract also included reconstruction of a portion of Rockingham Road and expansion of the Symmes Drive/Vista Ridge Drive intersection. The reconstructed Rockingham Road (NH Route 28) opened to traffic in September 2008.
  • Exit 5 Bus Terminal & Bus Maintenance Facility - This project included construction of a bus terminal, bus maintenance and storage facilities, and adjacent site work allowing for 275 overflow parking spaces for the adjacent park-and-ride. The terminal and maintenance facility were placed into use in October 2008. Expanded bus service operations began in November 2008. The construction contract for the buildings and related site work was awarded to North Branch Construction, Inc, in August 2007.
  • Exit 5 Ramps - Work under this Exit 5 contract (14633E) created a new northbound on-ramp and new southbound on and off-ramps. The existing northbound off-ramp will be replaced under a subsequent contract. The three new ramps represent improvements to the interchange capacity and safety on the mainline. This contract was awarded to Severino Construction, Inc. in June 2008 and was substantially completed in the fall of 2009. Landscaping and final cleanup were completed in the spring of 2010.
  • Exit 5 / Route 28 Interchange, Londonderry - Bids were opened for Contract 14633F in January 2011. This contract completed the Exit 5 area work as it ties into the completed ramps project and the new Park-and-Ride. Severino Trucking Co., Inc. of Candia. NH submitted the low bid of $36.7M. Work began with the opening of construction season in 2011 and was completed in the fall of 2014.
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