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Project Details/Maps

  • Construction Project Status - Click here for current status of projects.

  • The I-93 Corridor is broken into individual construction projects. Each of these projects is an individual contract with a separate construction firm, but all fit together to improve the entire corridor. The DOT is working to ensure that the impact to the motoring public is minimized. This is being done by carefully studying how the timing of individual projects will affect traffic while considering the impact of sequencing on project budgets.
  • The Selected Alternative is the outcome of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). The 22 separate plan sheets that detail this alternative have been updated to reflect the progress in engineering design. These plans show the highway as it will exist when all construction is complete. Construction of the roadway is broken into many individual construction projects. For details on the individual projects please see the project breakout section above. For more information on the overall project, please see the Project Overview.
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